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First a thank you to those OYs who came to The Annual Reunion Lunch held on Sunday July 2nd. It was an enjoyable occasion for those who journeyed to The Haselbury Mill.
The number of OYs was a little up on 2016 but this was mainly due to a large group of 1957 'Salvete' members.

The statistics of the recent reunions are shown below and it's a sad fact that if it were not for the loyal commitment of the committee (11) and the ladies (21) this year's reunion most likely would have been cancelled.

61 (52) sat down at the Reunion Lunch - (in brackets 2016 event)

40 (32) were OYs - of which 11 were Officers/Committee

19 (11) OYs came alone

21 (20) OYs brought their partners

3 (2) OYs were from the 1970s intake

6 (4) OYs were from the 1960s intake

22 (12) OYs were from the 1950s intake

8 (14) OYs were from the 1940s intake

1 OY was from the 1930s intake

We have struggled over the last few years to encourage enough members to make it to the Annual Reunions and subsequently at the recent AGM this was the subject of a lengthy debate.
Reunion bookings do 'dribble' in following the February newsletter and after several 'round robin' emails and even later after the numbers have had to be booked with the caterers.

Therefore your committee have reluctantly decided to make the 2018 Reunion to be held on Sunday July 1st at The Haselbury Mill the last 'Annual' Reunion.

It is felt that it is better to finish on a high note by having one last annual reunion rather than wait until a future booked event has to be cancelled at the last minute due to numbers being below 50.

 It is also a fact that all your committee's ages are now within the 70s-80s range, and as we have tried but are still unable to attract 'younger ' members to take over the reins, it is sensible to implement gradual changes to the association's operation.

Our association has a finite membership that is naturally declining and those who are left are now mostly in retirement, fortunately generally living longer and therefore having a greater involvement in wider family responsibilities. This can make a significant difference for those who are trying to organise an event.
It is a known fact that currently many national and local organisations and charities are struggling with declining numbers and volunteers to fill their organisational positions.

It is planned to continue maintaining the computer, the membership and email directories, the website, the annual Newsletter in Jan/Feb and the 'House' skittles in March.

The process of reviewing the Association's Constitution is currently being actioned and we are actively exploring opportunities to relocate some of the accumulated physical memorabilia and extensive photographic and paper records.

That's the latest information for now and any comments are welcomed -

We would of course like you to make a note in your future diaries etc of the July 1st 2018 Reunion date as we would hope as many as possible will come to this the last Annual Reunion of the OYA.

Dave Shorey
on behalf of the OYA Committee